Should You move from Excel sheets to CRM?

05 Nov 2019
by Natalie Jordan | 891 Views | 0

When something is working just fine, why would you disrupt that? Almost all companies have started off with using just Excel spread sheets. It becomes the most commonly used Tool. Gets used by almost all departments. To an extent where excel errors are also tolerated because of the ease of use and also due to the fact that its known by everyone. 

Most of the organizations do not adopt a Tool or App for years. During these years, Excels keep growing, to a point where it becomes a huge bottle neck. When businesses decide to make the shift to move away from Excel, this in itself becomes a transformational project. This could take between weeks to months depending on the complexity of data. 

Let’s say, you have a field team that is constantly on the move. Without a CRM, they’d still be using their diaries, or worst case even serviettes to take down important notes. Imagine the amount of human errors this may cause. CRMs have become so less expensive and mobile friendly, the benefits it brings to the table are greater compared to the few extra dollars you’d pay monthly. 

You could also track your field Staff and enable them with the right workload, depending on which part of the city they are in. We’ve seen cases where organization’s efficiency has increased by 34% because of tools like Salesforce Field Service Lightning. The field staff knows which customer to service next and also has the list of things which need to carry to service the customer. Everything is available on his palm and he doesn’t have to shuttle between warehouse to customer place every single time. 

Security features are almost not available while using Excel sheets. Security at the User level makes sure, the right user gets to see the right Information. User level, geo-level security etc. are also available if you use a CRM like Salesforce. With all these added security features, still multiple users can use it all at the same time unlike Excel. 

Track the flow of Events – if you also have an in-house Sales team (which does Email campaigns and Tele-calling), it makes it easier to make calls directly from the CRM and also track their notes which they update with respect to every customer conversation.


Other quick benefits include - 

  •  Assigning and Tracking Tasks much easier in CRM
  •  Can run Marketing campaigns and also track the outcomes
  •  Advanced Reporting and Forecasting


If you’ve already decided to call it quits with your excel or even if you are still contemplating the move towards adopting Salesforce, talk to one of our expert Salesforce Consultants to get guidance on Salesforce Implementation and the nitty grittiness behind it. 

Zivoke redefines and enables your business to reach more customers. We’ll provide you with the best technical and customer support.

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