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Being a fast-growing business backed by Venture Funds, the company started to face a lot of challenges like the ones listed below.

  • Difficulties in managing Multiple Variations of their Single Product
  • Lack of robustness in existing CRM application to handle multiple 3 rd party integrations.
  • Delays in processing Quotations and Pricing, which resulted in losing to competition.
  • Inability of Existing Configure-Price-Quote Tool to support Subscriptions, Bundles and Renewals.
  • Lack of Key Business Insights due to absence of integration between existing ERP and other applications.


To address the above Business challenges, Zivoke proposed the below solutions:

  • Introduction of Salesforce to replace the existing CRM.
  • Replacing the existing CPQ tool with CPQ Steelbrick
  • Migration of Data from Old to New Tool
  • Re-configuration of a new Approval and Discounts Process
  • Integration of Salesforce with Existing applications and ERP.


Zivoke followed the below approach to implement the above high-level Business Solution.

  • Configured a new state-of-the-art architecture that supported Quote to Order on the Salesforce platform.
  • Simplified the existing SKU to accommodate multiple variations
  • Migrated to Steelbrick CPQ (Configure-Price-Quote) Tool to help In-Flight Quotes and Renewal.
  • Migrated data from existing tool to Steelbrick to support Subscriptions and Renewal Forecasting.
  • Integrated Salesforce with Existing Marketing Automation Tools, Partner Management, Payment Processing and Netsuite ERP.
  • The End to End Implementation took few weeks to complete.


Below were few positive impacts that Zivoke’s solution brought to the client’s business.

  • Overall increase of 7% sales by End of the First Quarter after solution implementation.
  • Increase in Configuration and Pricing accuracy while streamlining the quoting process for sales representatives.
  • Streamlined data flow across applications provided key insights and improved Business Intelligence.
  • Visibility into customer entitlements increased, especially for amendment and renewal processes, and sales representatives were able to gain a complete picture of each client without having to juggle between multiple applications.
  • Several manual steps that had decreased processing time for quotes were now eliminated.
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