Business challenge:

Due to this rapid growth, the Retail store chain started to face new challenges owing to the usage of Multiple Point of Sale Applications and other Supporting Platforms.

Some of the key challenges were:

  • Managing the inventory across different applications seamlessly
  • Lack of a robust tool for the Sales Team to manage their activities
  • Absence of adequate insights on Customer behavioral patterns
  • Analytics getting out of hand with new shops and products being introduced
  • Dearth of a centralized system which could integrate with all other business tools
  • Inability of Business to invest in IT infrastructure


To address the above Business challenges, Zivoke proposed the below solutions:

  • Salesforce integration with various applications including Point of Sale, Inventory Management, Order tracking Applications.
  • Robust Big Data Analytics Engine to process data from every source.
  • Centralized Omni-channel Customer Support Desk.

Business Value

Below were few positive impacts that Zivoke’s solution brought to the client’s business.

  • Orders and Payments were up to 23% quicker due to a Single Order and Inventory Management
  • Retail Lead Management increased by 31% by end of the First Quarter after solution implementation.
  • The Business obtained Deeper Insights on customer behavior with Predictive selling.
  • Every Executive Layer attained access to Insightful Dashboards customized with Single-pane-of-Glass view.
  • Appointments were managed efficiently and Store Queueswere Streamlined
  • Rapid Increase in Guided Selling & Recommendations

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