There are various Lead assignment options available in Salesforce. Let us consider a Salesforce Consulting and implementation project where a New Lead needs to be auto assigned to a Queue. This lead will then go through the process of being validated and assigned to the concerned users. 

To begin with, you would need to create a Queue in Salesforce. Once the queue is ready, go ahead and configure this new Lead Assignment rule. 

  • In Salesforce Lightning, Go to Setup by clicking on the Gear icon in Top right corner.
  • Enter "Lead Assignment" in Quick Find search box.
  • Click on "New" button.

Enter Rule name & select the active button and click save.

Salesforce Lead Assignment



Salesforce Lead Assignment Rule


Now, you need to select the right Queue to which Leads need to go to, then click and Save to complete the setup.


Selecting Queue in Lead Assignment

You are good to go. Test this by pushing a few New Leads into your Salesforce Instance. These should now directly go to the Queue you created.